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Three Tech Tips for Early-Stage Startups

Startup owners who are just starting to run a business usually experience doubts and lose the direction of the steps that are taken when the startup begins. For startups that are still in the early stage, it will be essential to build a business right from the start, to be a reference for where the startup business will be taken later. The following article will discuss the first three steps that should be examined by the early startup owner.

Minimum Viable Product

The purpose of making an MVP is to test business assumptions and ensure application development is in line with business objectives. That way, applications that have been created can continue to grow in accordance with the expectations of designers.

In addition, MVP is made to improve the efficiency of application development costs. That is because the features in MVP products are very minimum so that it is easy for development and maintenance. Meanwhile, the final goal of making MVP is to produce applications that are loved by users and bring business value to the company.

An example of a pretty good MVP that you can see is the Snapchat application. The application initially only had a reasonably simple focus, namely to share images with other users. The picture that was shared did not last long. After launching the product on the market, the developers felt the need for additional features.

Snapchat is an example of a successful MVP. By creating an MVP, you don’t need to make a complicated set of processes to be able to develop a web product or application.

Hiring a Managed Service

Managed services are an outsourced service or service carried out by other companies to do a series of work in supervision and management to improve the performance of companies that use managed services. This understanding applies to all business fields, especially in the IT field which is often directly related to the meaning of managed services.

This managed service is intended for various fields, such as:

Company Data Center

This service provides data center management services, server storage network management, disaster mitigation, and business continuation plans if there is a disaster (Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services), to management platforms that can consolidate your company’s servers into a system that is easily monitored and the control included in this service is managed network services.

End User Management.

This service is quite varied, starting from monitoring IT assets including hardware and software, desktop management that oversees all devices used by employees so that there is no interference, making applications for employee convenience and smooth operations including collaborative, e-mail, internal communication applications and so forth.

Security Service.

Managed services protect the primary gateway to all IT devices in the company. If you want to know further about this facility, you can check Intrust IT, one of the best managed services cincinnati that provides exceptional cybersecurity service in the region.

Measuring Things with Beta Products

The next step that can be done is when the MVP has been obtained fresh to make the product in beta for a limited circle. From there you can see shortcomings, the best features, and corrections to be made, based on feedback from the closest people who have tried the previous beta.

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Travel Drone Buying Guide for Beginners

It can be a scary experience when a new buyer is looking out for a quality travel drone. Lack of information essentially makes it hard for the newbies to choose the right piece for themselves. Fortunately, in this article, you will have a glimpse of what it takes for a beginner to buy the best travel drone. In most cases, we get swayed away by the prices and forget about aspects like flight time, brand, and range. Most people argue that it is better to go for a cheaper drone because it may crash while you train. Your argument should never be the price, instead, buy a drone that has safety features and is made of quality materials. The reason for compiling this comprehensive and informative travel drone buying guide for beginners is to help them make the right choices. Continue reading the tips below to help yourself get the best travel drone for your adventures.


camera drone flyingThe first factor to have a look at is the quality of the camera on the drone. In most cases, we get built-in cameras almost on every drone. However, there are those that are optional to install. Therefore, when you want your travel drone to fly for a more extended period, you leave off the camera. When traveling you need to take photos and record some beautiful scenes. That is why for this case you need to consider buying a drone with the best camera. In regards to the camera, the most important thing is the camera specifications. The strength of the travel drone camera affects the price of the done.


The second factor to consider when buying a travel drone is the range. Having a travel drone with a great range is very paramount for every person who loves to travel. However, the range of the drone is pegged to the purpose of the drone. And for this case, you want a travel drone. Therefore, you will need a drone that ranges from about 55 to 110 yards. This is an ideal range for beginners who want to start their new hobby. Advanced drones take up to 3 miles. Basically, for travel, you do not necessarily require a drone with a long range.

Purpose of the Drone

aerial view drone imageAccording to experts, when buying a drone for travel, you need to consider the purpose as that will determine even the flight time you need. In our case, we need a travel drone. Each drone is specialized to do some particular work. That is why we have many options on the market. If you are buying a drone for just traveling and taking aerial photos, you do not have to buy a costly drone like one for media houses. However, you need to buy a travel drone that will improve your photography. Traveling can be just for fun, informing and business. If you have a YouTube channel that you use to vlog on your journeys and make money out of endorsements, you need to invest in a quality drone.

Flight Time

The flight time of a drone is as important as other factors mentioned herein. The flight time is dependent on the aircraft’s model and size of its battery. Usually, the flight time may vary between 5 and 35 minutes. As a beginner, you need to invest in a travel drone with a flight time that ranges between 5 to 15 minutes. However, you need to invest in some extra 3 to 4 batteries.

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Reasons to Have a Spy Camera at Home

The evolution of technology is beneficial to individuals in so many ways, and the enhancement of security is one of the ways.  To learn more, click here There are spy cameras that are installed in different premises including business premises and homes. The spy cameras come in different sizes and designs, and it is up to the user to decide which spy camera is suitable for their needs. The spy cameras offer a lot of benefits when installing at home thus their significance should not be overlooked. This article explores some of the reasons why the spy cameras are crucial.

They are Discreet

hidden cameraUnlike the regular security cameras, spy cameras are discreet. Therefore, they are not visible to anyone who is inside or outside of the home. This will give an added advantage as a homeowner because you can monitor everything that happens in your home without anyone finding out. This will provide you with better insight into what happens when you are not around as compared to when the cameras are visible. Thanks to the revolution of technology, the spy cameras can be fixed in areas like wall sockets and table clocks.

They are Affordable

If you are on a tight budget, spy cameras are ideal for you. Most of them are affordable. Depending on your needs, you can get one that suits your budget. The costs will be determined by factors like the lens quality and place of installation.

They Provide Evidence

This is an essential benefit that should not be overlooked. It may be difficult to control everything that happens in your home, but if there is an event that requires proof, spy cameras will do the work. Burglaries and other calamities are documented thus when the evidence is needed, the videos can be replayed, and the required action is taken with no delays.

They are Easy to Operate

computer, cameraThe security cameras may seem too complicated to operate, and some of them require expertise to run them. However, the spy cameras installed in homes are not difficult to operate. Managing them has been simplified therefore you do not have to worry about that.

They Enhance Security

A visible security system does not always deter a potential intruder. However, with hidden spy cameras, there is still an extra convenience of monitoring the home while you are away. In addition to this, it is difficult to tamper with spy cameras because the intruders will not know that they exist.

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is undoubtedly the next marketing frontier. Close to 90% of all business today employs one form of social media marketing or another. The popularity of this form of marketing is inspired by the fact that social media attract a vast audience. Also, marketing campaigns on social media make it a lot easy for marketers to showcase their products and services. Here are some benefits accrued to social media marketing.

Improved Brand Recognition

One of the man reasons business invest in social media marketing is to create brand awareness. This is often achieved through target marketing practices where the business shares some posts and also engages with the clientèle. Ideally, the fact that social media allows for constant interaction between the business and some of its potential customers goes a long way in increasing the brand’s reach.

Improved Brad Loyalty

For any organization to remain in business, it should be able to have a loyal customer base. Adding new customer to loyalists goes a long way in improving your conversion rates. If you have some trouble creating a loyal customer base, it is high time you considered the possibility of investing in social media marketing. Social media offers a better platform to engage your customers and responding to their concerns, which is vital in improving customer satisfaction levels.

Reduced Marketing Costs

Compared to traditional marketing methods social media marketing is not only more effective but cheaper. Social media marketing does not require a huge amount of monetary resources. You need a computer and some Internet connection to get the job done. Of course, this is usually not everyone’s job, and it might require you to enlist the services of a social media marker. Overall, it contributes significantly to reducing a business’ marketing costs

Improved Search Engine Rankings

social media iconsThe search engine rankings play a vital role in online marketing. Social media marketing influences the amount of traffic into your site, which can also impact your page rankings. Thus, if you manage to make your site popular on social media, the chances are that its ranking will also improve in search result pages.

Technological advances in online marketing and social sites have created a lasting impression on how we do business. Thus, if you have real intentions of pushing your business to the next level, invest in social media marketing and improve your sales while cutting down your costs.

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Computer Data Losses

Anyone that uses a computer is always at risk of losing important files. If this is yet to happen to you, the chances are that it will undoubtedly happen to you in future as long as you continue using your computer. Data loss is frightening and disgusting, especially when view from a business perspective. Data loss can be prevented by using backup systems.

Common Causes of Data Loss

Before looking at the technicalities of data loss, here are some common causes of computer data losses.


delete buttonThis is among the most straightforward way of losing data. This happens when a computer user accidentally deletes essential files from the computer. This loss can be costly if you do not have a backup file. Considering that we delete hundreds of files from our computers occasionally, the best way to protect yourself from the troubles associated with unintentional deletion is by always backing up important files.

Virus Attacks

Another leading cause of accidental data loss is viruses. Viruses are often malicious programs that steal or corrupt files. As long as you are connected to the internet, you are at risk of suffering from the wrath posed by these malicious programs. The best way to keep yourself safe from data losses caused by viruses is to have an antivirus software. Antiviruses not only warn you about a looming attack but also protect you in the background.

Mechanical Issues

Failure of critical data storage components can be another cause of data loss. An excellent example of a mechanical b is the failure of a hard drive that contains important files. The good thing out mechanical issues on hard drives is that these storage components are repairable. In case your hard drive fails, you should not make the mistake of trying to fix it yourself. Instead, enlist the services of a professional computer technician.

Power Outages

Power outages can also put you at risk of data loss. This is especially true when working on a traditional desktop computer that does not have a battery. This means that when the power goes when you are working on something, you might have to start all over again. The best solution against this is to invest in a battery. You might also need a surge protector to protect you from power surges, which might destroy your computer.

These are just some of the many causes data loss in computers. Besides looking for data recovery experts to help you out after a loss, you might also consider having a secure cloud backup system.