Loca Stickers: Ad Hoc Sticky Networks

Stickers are provided to enable people to become Loca agents, and to make visible the traces of digital identities that people leave behind. The simple process can be undertaken by anyone with a Bluetooth device. People scan for Bluetooth devices using their own mobile phone or laptop, in the usual way they would when connecting to another device. On the Loca stickers they record the name of any uniquely named device they detect, and the time and date of detection. This 'log' can be stuck at the point of detection to leave tangible evidence of the presence of the digital identity, the time at which it was detected and the detection event itself. Sticker boards are provided at venues, so that participants can use the stickers without causing any damage.

Loca Sticker Loca Sticker Loca Sticker Loca Sticker Loca Sticker Loca Sticker