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Three Tech Tips for Early-Stage Startups

Startup owners who are just starting to run a business usually experience doubts and lose the direction of the steps that are taken when the startup begins. For startups that are still in the early stage, it will be essential to build a business right from the start, to be a reference for where the startup business will be taken later. The following article will discuss the first three steps that should be examined by the early startup owner.

Minimum Viable Product

The purpose of making an MVP is to test business assumptions and ensure application development is in line with business objectives. That way, applications that have been created can continue to grow in accordance with the expectations of designers.

In addition, MVP is made to improve the efficiency of application development costs. That is because the features in MVP products are very minimum so that it is easy for development and maintenance. Meanwhile, the final goal of making MVP is to produce applications that are loved by users and bring business value to the company.

An example of a pretty good MVP that you can see is the Snapchat application. The application initially only had a reasonably simple focus, namely to share images with other users. The picture that was shared did not last long. After launching the product on the market, the developers felt the need for additional features.

Snapchat is an example of a successful MVP. By creating an MVP, you don’t need to make a complicated set of processes to be able to develop a web product or application.

Hiring a Managed Service

Managed services are an outsourced service or service carried out by other companies to do a series of work in supervision and management to improve the performance of companies that use managed services. This understanding applies to all business fields, especially in the IT field which is often directly related to the meaning of managed services.

This managed service is intended for various fields, such as:

Company Data Center

This service provides data center management services, server storage network management, disaster mitigation, and business continuation plans if there is a disaster (Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services), to management platforms that can consolidate your company’s servers into a system that is easily monitored and the control included in this service is managed network services.

End User Management.

This service is quite varied, starting from monitoring IT assets including hardware and software, desktop management that oversees all devices used by employees so that there is no interference, making applications for employee convenience and smooth operations including collaborative, e-mail, internal communication applications and so forth.

Security Service.

Managed services protect the primary gateway to all IT devices in the company. If you want to know further about this facility, you can check Intrust IT, one of the best managed services cincinnati that provides exceptional cybersecurity service in the region.

Measuring Things with Beta Products

The next step that can be done is when the MVP has been obtained fresh to make the product in beta for a limited circle. From there you can see shortcomings, the best features, and corrections to be made, based on feedback from the closest people who have tried the previous beta.